Nuclear Technicians/Engineers Flamanville

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  • avr. 25, 2018



Tech. Ingénierie - Essais / Validation /Mise au point

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avr. 25, 2018


Tech. Ingénierie


For the commissioning phase of the EPR FA3 Project, we are actively looking for 18 people to complete our testing team. • The main objective of the mission will be to carry-out and/or analyze the test results obtained in the frame of the commissioning of the nuclear power plant in Flamanville 3 through the following tasks: o Test preparation: equipment and documents preparation (mainly Testing manual, Operating Manual, Periodic Test procedure, System Description, and other documents required for operation) o Leading commissioning tests o Filling test procedures o Analysis and on-site adaptation of testing procedures depending on the advancement of the project o analysis and follow-up of deviation • We are looking for technicians or engineers in Electrical Engineering, Mechanics, Energy, Automation, and Instrumentation…that are familiar with the following: o Instrumentation and actuators (particularly motorized and pneumatic valves) used in the commissioning phase of an industrial installation o Automated systems, particularly environments using the software/material TXS and/or SPPA-T2000 #LI-JWL


o Previous experience at a nuclear site o Industrial electric accreditations/on-site nuclear power interventions: HO / MO / B2 / BR / CSQ / HN1 / HN2 are strongly desired o Knowledge of English would be appreciated You are available quickly and mobile in France. In order to facilitate accessibility to the job, we are willing to pay for expenses associated with long distance commutes. We offer you the possibility of joining our team and investing in a quickly growing company with a rewarding work environment. Don't hesitate any longer: join our team today! To apply, please send your resume to